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Casual PvE guild on Vek'Nilash EU
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 Calís - 80 Prot warrior

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Calís - 80 Prot warrior Empty
PostSubject: Calís - 80 Prot warrior   Calís - 80 Prot warrior EmptyWed Dec 09, 2009 12:33 am

1. Your real name?


2. Age?


3. Where are you from?


4. Character name and class?


5. Current chosen talent points and why do you use them?

Cause it's a good specc, to keep aggro ofc

6. Does 19.00-23.00 fit you for raiding?


7. How's your raid experience?

Vanilla: Nothing, didn't play back then.
TBC: Cleared everything from Karazhan to Sunwell with my paladin.
LK: Naxx10/25 cleared - VoA10/25 Cleared - Ulduar 10 up to Mimiron - ToC10 Cleared - OS10/25 Cleared

8. Is using ventrilo a problem for you?


9. Pre WOTLK experience?

As I said i question nr 7 =)

10. Previously guilds and why did you leave/kicked?

Transfered here to play with IRL mates, started the guild Divine, just to hangaround with the mates. Now trying to get some raiding experiance from this realm with a decent guild.

11. What can you bring to the guild?

A smile on everyones faces!

12. What days are you available for raiding?

Like everytime there is a raid setup for the guild, ill be there. If something doesnt go terribly wrong IRL

13. Why should we choose you?

I know how to play my class, and im trying to perform my very best at everytime, that means, no slacking!

14. Armory link:

And the retard check!

15. What would you say if I said "Watch out for the fire"?

On my way!
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Calís - 80 Prot warrior Empty
PostSubject: Re: Calís - 80 Prot warrior   Calís - 80 Prot warrior EmptyWed Dec 09, 2009 12:38 am

Whisper either Högaberget, Svamp or Garrath online for a chatt
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Calís - 80 Prot warrior
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