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Casual PvE guild on Vek'Nilash EU
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 Survival hunter apply - Granted a Hangaround spot under Gotloth

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PostSubject: Survival hunter apply - Granted a Hangaround spot under Gotloth   Thu Dec 10, 2009 12:48 am

1. Your real name? Jesper augustsson

2. Age? 15

3. Where are you from? sweden

4. Character name and class? Píngen hunter

5. Current chosen talent points and why do you use them? survival its easy and fun specc

6. Does 19.00-23.00 fit you for raiding? That will be no Problems

7. How's your raid experience? I have raid in Naxx,VoA and OS

8. Is using ventrilo a problem for you? No i have ventrilo mix so it calm

9. Pre WOTLK experience? I paly Kara on 70

10. Previously guilds and why did you leave/kicked? it was a raiding guild

11. What can you bring to the guild? Good hunter

12. What days are you available for raiding? all days i can raid

13. Why should we choose you? im a pleasant boy and i will have fun

14. Armory link:

And the retard check!

15. What would you say if I said "Watch out for the fire"? i will watch out from the fire
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Survival hunter apply - Granted a Hangaround spot under Gotloth
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