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Casual PvE guild on Vek'Nilash EU
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 This is a apply - Declined

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This is a apply - Declined Empty
PostSubject: This is a apply - Declined   This is a apply - Declined EmptyFri Dec 11, 2009 7:55 pm

1. Your real name? Ludvig

2. Age? 18

3. Where are you from? Sweden!

4. Character name and class? Ofrahar survival hunter

5. Current chosen talent points and why do you use them? 51 survival points and 20 markmanshippoints, cuz i think thats the best way to do it Wink

6. Does 19.00-23.00 fit you for raiding? Oh yeah

7. How's your raid experience? Just started playing again after a break so i have done almost all raids except some boss in ulduar and i really need totc experince.

8. Is using ventrilo a problem for you? Nope vent is da shiit Razz

9. Pre WOTLK experience? Gruul, Onyxia, Almost whole Zul Grub and Zul aman

10. Previously guilds and why did you leave/kicked? G I R L, i were kicked cuz i just turnd 80 and they were begun to be a hardcore raiding guild. Then I joined Discipline X and left cuz i needed a break from WoW.

11. What can you bring to the guild? Laugh and some nice dps Very Happy

12. What days are you available for raiding? hmm.. Like all days excpet mondays and wednsdays.

13. Why should we choose you? Cuz I always takes raiding seriously, I always come well preperd and i always doing my best!

14. Armory link: There's something wrong with armory and my character but you just wisp me and i will get to you show my self to you (i got 4417 gs)

And the retard check!

15. What would you say if I said "Watch out for the fire"? What the heck give me some water ffs!!
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This is a apply - Declined Empty
PostSubject: Re: This is a apply - Declined   This is a apply - Declined EmptySat Dec 12, 2009 5:10 am


Not looking for a hunter atm
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This is a apply - Declined
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