Metal Machine

Casual PvE guild on Vek'Nilash EU
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 Rysdan - Holy Priest - Granted a trial spot

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PostSubject: Rysdan - Holy Priest - Granted a trial spot   Mon Dec 14, 2009 9:45 pm

1. Your real name? John Scott

2. Age? 18

3. Where are you from? Scotland Very Happy

4. Character name and class? Rysdan Priest

5. Current chosen talent points and why do you use them? 13/58/0 this spec gives me massive utility to be able to raid heal using renew/PoH/CoH and also tank heal through hard hitting bosses with Serendipity

6. Does 19.00-23.00 fit you for raiding? Yup thats fine, can stay on for longer if needed

7. How's your raid experience? Cleared all raids except some in ulda and totgc 25. done 2/5 totgc 10 man. Also tanked as my DK in all but totgc 10/25

8. Is using ventrilo a problem for you? Nope

9. Pre WOTLK experience? Not much raid experience pre WORLK. Played a lot of pvp on my mage pre TBC but never had time to raid back then.

10. Previously guilds and why did you leave/kicked? G I R L and Dissemblance. Left G I R L to join an IRL friend in the guild Dissemblance. Dissembance then fell apart due to officers arguing with one another. Took a break after that happened and now trying to get back into some casual raiding with the new patch.

11. What can you bring to the guild? Some generally good banter and skilled focused healing. Also got 450 tailoring so can make some nice threads for anyone who wants Very Happy

12. What days are you available for raiding? not free on friday/saturday and only free some sundays. apart from that free every other day of the week

13. Why should we choose you? I'll bring along my brain to every raid.. I think that can be rare on this server at times..

14. Armory link:

And the retard check!

15. What would you say if I said "Watch out for the fire"? uuh run into the fire and give the healers a stroke?
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PostSubject: Re: Rysdan - Holy Priest - Granted a trial spot   Mon Dec 14, 2009 9:56 pm

Granted a trial spot.

Whisper Högaberget, Garrath, Svamp or Heltseriös
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Rysdan - Holy Priest - Granted a trial spot
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